Hard Task offers a wide range of training courses including but not limited to:

– Tactical courses – Close Protection, Personal Security Detail, Close Quarters Battle, SWAT Week, Small Unit Tactics, Urban Warfare, Active Shooter, Anti-riot tactics etc.

– Shooting courses – Dynamic Pistol, Dynamic Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper rifle, Low Light, Machinegun

– Medical courses – Combat Life Saver, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, MIRA and Patient Recovery – Search and Rescue

– Aerial and Airborne courses – Air Assault, Static rope, Fast rope, Static line

– Offensive and defensive driving skill courses – Driving for close protection and police force

– Diving courses – Under Water Demolition, Basic and Advanced Scuba Air, Enriched Air / Gas, Fast boat training

– Police patrol officer courses – Vehicle stops, Suspect control etc.

– Other courses – Shooting and Tactical Instructor, Hand to hand, Self-defense and Expandable baton, Combat tracking

We are also able to set up and establish new Law Enforcement agencies or Military units from the beginning. This includes but is not limited to: Recruit selection, training, equipment selection and purchase, establishment of SOP’s and ongoing project management.

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