Combat LifeSaver Advanced

Combat LifeSaver AdvancedObtížnost II

Course Description:

The course is focused on teaching the extended emergency first aid in combat conditions


Repeating from CLS course, Intermediate and advanced airway management including surgical airways, BVM techniques, CPR, Life threatening chest injuries and management including needle decompression, Circulatory system and Haemorrhage control, Shock and fluid replacement (I.V & I.O), Head injuries, Fractures and dislocations of spine, secondary survay

You will be equipet by our training medic material.


Minimum 10 maximum 20

Recommended equipment:

Tactical or combat clothing and footwear (UF PRO, 5.11 , Blackhawk , Helikon … ), ballistic plate carrier or vest with pouches for AR15 magazines and radio, helmet or tactical hat, eye protection (shooting goggles) ,tactical gloves and knee pads.


There will be training wepons available for all the participants.


Training centre Elite Lhenice (South Bohemia, nearby Ceske Budejovice – Czech Republic)

Course dates:

For the registration please use our e-shop or calendar.


Meeting at 08:30 – 08:45 am at the car park of the training centre, the subsequent administration and preparation of equipment and materials. The beginning of class is at 09:00 and the end around 18:00.

Duration of the course:

2 days, 16 hours.

Accommodation and food:

Accommodation is not included in the course fee, each participant it provides and pays for itself. On board will be allocated one hour for lunch.

Accommodation is about 700 m from the training center at the hostel and the price is 200 CZK / night (capacity 40 persons), or in the pension on the street Krumlovska 68 (capacity 10 people). Price of lunch in the hostel is 70, – CZK and dinner also 70, – CZK. Breakfast is for 40 – to 70, – CZK per total volume.


Czech with translation to english.


Jaroslav Duchon


Hard Task certificate

Course price:

4000 CZK (Approx 160 EUR) – only the course fee

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