Since 2012, Hard Task Ltd has been engaged in the teaching and instruction of Tactical, Firearms, Medical, Hand to Hand Combat, Driving, and other training. Our main focus has been on the training of armed and security forces from various nations as well as civilian sector. Hard Task is also licensed for the close protection and protection of private or company property. We are capable of providing static & roaming guards, providing security at concerts & cultural events and armed officers protecting high value shipments and locations.

Hard Task trains thousands of Czech and foreign students on a recurrent basis, which ranks it the biggest training provider in the Czech Republic and amongst the largest and most respected training companies in Europe.


Zdenek Charvat is founder of Hard Task and has been a security professional for more than 15yrs including time spent as Instructor for shooting and tactical training of the Police of the Czech Republic. He is one of the founders of the special training department Emergency mobile unit of the Police of the Czech Republic in Prague. During this time he has written and collaborated on the production of several instructional manuals and films, including video tutorials, ‘Hard Task Tactical Pistol 1 & 2 and Dynamic Rifle’, ‘Shooting Alphabet series’, ‘Crackdown active shooters’, ‘Staff Manual use of H & K MP5’ and ‘Tactics or official interventions’”.

For more than 4 years Zdenek has taken part in close protection missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and many training missions around the world, such as Italy, Finland, Spain, Bulgaria, Latvia and Slovakia, and the USA. His accomplishments include the successful importation and application of US Police SWAT training and standards into the Czech Republic Police Services.

Bc. Zdenek Charvat 

Company owner

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