Rusty Sullivan

Rusty Sullivan


Medical and Tactical instructor / USA


Curriculum Vitae:

Rusty Sullivan is a proud United States Naval veteran. He has worked in the public safety profession as a law enforcement officer and fire/EMS/technical rescue technician for over 25 years. Rusty served as a tactical/combat medical technician for over 11 years with U.S. law enforcement special operations teams. He teaches in the college system as a full time faculty member and the Chief of Training, MCC – Public Safety Institute.

Rusty is a national and international instructor in multiple areas regarding rescue operations, law enforcement, military, and emergency medical law enforcement/combat procedures and training. He is a graduate of the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics programs, the famed United States Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Operational Medical Support (CONTOMS), and the Tactical Emergency Medical Team (TEMS) programs. He is an International Hostage Negotiator, and has expertise in communication psychology, physical use of force, and force/conflict psychology.     

He holds several advanced degrees: AAS in Criminal Justice, BA in Social Psychology, with an emphasis in public safety, and a Master’s in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution. Over the last twenty years Rusty has studied numerous forms of martial arts including Bushidokan, Aikido, Systema, boxing, Muay Thai, he holds formal ranks in Krav-Maga and Gracie Jiu-jitsu.

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