Adam Fajkos

Adam Fajkos


Shooting and Tactical instructor / CZE

Curriculum Vitae:


In 2001 Adam joined 601st Special Forces Group of the Czech Army, where he spent almost 16 years. He started out as an operator of the Combat group, later he became deputy commander of the Special purpose group. For the last 3 years Adam has been Tactical training instructor and he has been guarantor of the preparation of the mission to protect Embassy in Kabul.

During his carrier Adam passed many courses in Czech Republic as well as abroad and he was deployed five times in operations abroad – three out of these operations were Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan (2004, 2006, 2009), the forth was the operation focusing on Protection of Kabul Embassy (2010) and the last one was operation ISAF SOF Afghanistan (2012).

Adam has passed courses such as: CLS, Advanced First Aid in the Field, Special Vehicle Driver Training, CQB / FIBUA – Counter Terror Warfare School Israel, Technical and physical surveillance training, Advanced Medical Training and Certification, NATO SOF Combat Medical Simulation Course, Live Tissue

Trauma Training, Military Free Fall Parachutist Course. He has a security clearance on the “Secret” level.

Since 2017 he has been working in Private Security Services.

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