Air Assault Scenarios

Course information

Capacity: 100
Minimum trainees: 20
Price inc. VAT: 7,500.00
Course lenght: 16 h
Days: 2
Instructor capacity: 6
Instructors for this course:
HTR discount: 0 %

Course Description:

Air Assault Scenarios course is designed to teach both teams and individual military and police operators the tactics and techniques in small tactical and medical scenarios with and helicopter insertion into a hostile and/or denied location. Utilizing Fast Rope and Rapid Deployment from helicopter techniques, the police or military operator will be directly inserted into the operational location as needed.


DAY 1 of the course (location Bozi Dar nearby Milovice): Participants are divided into two groups. One group begins with a basic theory, ways how to tie a fast rope on the helicopter, practice abseiling on a fast rope on a training tower, techniques of tying and securing on a FRIES rope, guidance of the helicopter for landing and preparation of the landing area, etc. The second group will start with the deployments and extractions with the EC120 helicopter into the terrain without the use of a rope. Tactical and medical scenarios will be prepared for each team to complete after deployment. At the end of the short scenario the team members receive feedback from the assigned instructor and then call a helicopter and extract from the scenario site and proceed to the next location with next scenario ready. After all scenarios are met the group exchanges with the second one.

DAY 2 of the course (nearby city Tachov): Basic rappelling practice from a helicopter Mi8 in the "airport" area - only on the spot from the hover, from small to larger heights (2-10 m). In the second part of the day the teams will again perform various tasks on the scenarios under the guidance of our instructors. The team will be deployed by abseiling with a fast rope rope from a Mi8 helicopter to the designated terrain. After completing short the task they will be extracted in a six-men teams on FIRES rope or classically after landing the helicopter on the ground in entire team and then moved to another spot.

Recommended equipment:

Comfortable tactical clothing or combat uniform and solid outdoor or military shoes (both adapted to the current weather and outdoor temperatures), belt, shooting goggles, knee pads, body armor or plate carrier with pouches for M4 magazines, helmet and tactical gloves, rappeling gloves. If you do have it please bring your own rappeling harness with HMS carabines. In cause you do not have it let us know in the note of the order on this course.


Bring your own airsoft or any training long gun with the sling with you. But there will be training airsoft wepons with the basic one point slings available for all the participants.


Meeting at 07:30 – 07:45 am at the car park of the location, the subsequent administration and preparation of equipment and materials. The beginning of class is at 08:00 and the end around 18:00.

Accommodation and food:

Please bring your own lunch package (MRE) and enough wather with you. There is no accommodation paid or reserved by our company. But after the DAY 1 we move all together to the Tachov city and accommodate there to make sure everybody is ready early morning on DAY 2 do the training and no one is missing.


The price for entire course is 3000 EUR per team. Team means 1-10 operators. In cause the teams if full the price for one operator is 300 EUR. For this price you will get 1 hr of air time of EC120 amd 1 hr of Mi8. Because there is the space for 2 teams in the Mi8 you actually get 2 hrs on Mi8. In cause you are not complete team and missing some guys to the team to make price better for each I can connect you with some individuals (our students) which joined this course and they can now be in your team for entire course.



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