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Perhaps due to the war in Ukraine or maybe due to the post covid hunger for education in our field, no less than 6,000 students passed our company's courses in 2022! The company's annual revenew was more than 1,1 million EUR. From October 2018 to 31 December 2021, Hard Task Training achieved a revenew of approximately 4 million EUR.

In late 2021 Hard Task received accreditation from Ministry of Interior to teach the State's reserve training courses. During the first year of providing these courses Hard Task company was able to fill upwards of a dozen dates with a total of approximately 850 students.

Despite government measures against the spread of SARS COVID19 in 2020, when Hard Task Training was not allowed to operate any services for 4 months, the number of people who went through the full range of courses offered climbed to an incredible 2341. Hard Task Training Ltd. trained 2622 students in the Year 2019 which is almost same number as in Year 2018 (2608 students) and more than double than the Year 2016 (1078 students) and almost 600 more than Year 2017 (2054 students)

Over 2/3 of all mentioned students attended shooting courses such as Dynamic Rifle, Dynamic Pistol, Tactical Shotgun, Sniper courses, VCQB, Shooting Instructor, Team Work or Low Light.

Nearly 800 students attended tactical courses such as CQB, Small Unit Tactics, Close Protection, Personal Security Detail, Speed Boat or Air Assault. Approx. 300 of the trainees attended medical courses such as Combat Life Saver or TECC and another 250 students passed our Tactical Tracker, Survival, Tactical Driving, Hand to Hand combat and Expandable Baton courses.

In the Years 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017, our Support Services (providing the shooting ranges, training sites, guns and ammunition, cars or medical equipment) were used by prestigious clients Project Gecko, Pretorians Group, Trojan Europe, Israeli Tactical Combat School, Tasmanian Tiger and Krav Maga of the Czech Republic, 3GUNUK.

Our company website in 2022 season visited 702.407 people. The year before (2021) it was 363.756 and in the 2020 234.502 people visited our website.