About company

Hard Task Training is a European leader in the providing of professional training in the field of shooting, tactics and combat medicine, possessing extensive training facilities including two modern commercial shooting ranges with a variety of outdoor and indoor shooting sections, 22,000 students from all over the world including civilians and members of armed forces, over 300 modern or classic firearms owned and regularly provided on courses, millions of safely discharged rounds by both instructors and clients, resulting in lives, health, and property saved. This is all embodied in Hard Task Training company. Welcome! Thanks to our highly qualified team of instructors, each of whom is a recognized expert in their field in the Czech Republic and worldwide, we deliver to our clients and share with them the latest techniques, knowledge, and skills necessary for successful shooting and tactical training or mastering medical care in combat or tactical conditions. We are firmly committed to the vision of providing first-class training that enables individuals to reach their maximum potential and excel in their professional careers or hobbies. The key to success is a quality team of well-selected professionals who teach only topics in which they are industry-leading experts. The CEO, chief instructor, and manager of Hard Task Training is Zdenek Charvat, who completed his service with the Czech Police in 2012, where he served as an instructor in the Rapid Response Mobile Unit in Prague. He continued his professional career as a contractor - personal protection officer in Iraq. At the end of 2012, he obtained a concession to operate shooting ranges, training, and shooting instruction, and since 2013, he began organizing shooting courses together with Milos Muller during his vacations when returning from foreign missions to the Czech Republic. Due to their high quality, precision, and professionalism, their popularity among clients grew, and Zdenek wanted to meet the increasing number of people interested in taking their courses. Thus, at the turn of 2013 and 2014, he laid the foundations for the name, brand, logo, and initial presentations of the Hard Task company, under which commercial shooting training was further developed, gradually adding tactical and medical courses. In 2016, the interest in the courses they organized reached such intensity that Zdenek and Milos devoted almost every day of their vacations to teaching clients. They decided to end their 4-year career in Iraq and dedicate themselves to full-time training. Their reward was 1078 students who underwent training that same year. Another milestone in successful development was the year 2017. Hard Task company acquired an outdoor shooting range with a variety of shooting sections, and thanks to cooperation with new instructors and increased personnel and spatial capacities, it was able to satisfy 2000 clients in the same year. To this day, it has trained more than 22,000 from many countries around the world. At the end of 2021, it obtained accreditation for teaching within the System of Shooting Training for the Reserves of the State, and during the first year, it managed to fill higher tens of course dates with almost 850 interested individuals. By the end of February 2024, more than 1,100 people had completed these courses at Hard Task Training company. The conflict in Ukraine combined with the pent-up appetite for education in the field during the period of anti-COVID measures laid the foundation for further growth. In 2023, the company served nearly 6,000 clients, continuing the success of the similarly prosperous year 2022. Achieving such values places Hard Task Training company at the forefront of providers of similar training not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. It has become one of the most respected training agencies in Europe and worldwide. The diligence and professionalism of the entire team of instructors resulted in Hard Task travelling to the United Arab Emirates where it has the honor to train, prepare and constantly maintain in shooting, tactical and medical training it‘s military and protection team operators. Since mid 2021 Hard Task has been working closely with company Bowenite on training contracts in Africa.

About instructors

We employ only the best professionals. Each of our instructors has real world operational experience and is ever ready to pass on their skills and knowledge to their students. Instructors are choosen mainly from the Czech armed forces. We also care about their friendly and patient performance during the lessons. Many of our instructors are nationally recognized shooters or have been working for many years in foreign countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other African countries as security contractors or instructors. Our instructors are arguably the best in the security and training industry. We also carefully select and assign individual instructors according to their specialization to the given courses. This means in practice that you will be taught by a person who best understands the problematics at a particular course.


HARD TASK TRAINING Ltd. Address: Hovorcovicka 702, BAST, ZIP 250 65, Czech Republic Identification number: 07530757, Tax number: CZ07530757 General contact: +420 774 744 661, info@hardtask.cz, accountant: finance@hardtask.cz Bank: IBAN CZ6020100000002901514710, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX Company registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court of Prague, Section C, File 301847   Business Licenses – Development, production, repairs, modifications, transportation, purchase, sale, rental, storage of weapons and ammunition – Providing Security of the persons and property – Operation of shooting ranges and providing weapon handling training – Providing any other tactical training - Purchase, sale, destruction and disposal of pyrotechnic products of categories P2, T2 and F4 and the implementation of fireworks   Arms License: – Renting and the selling of the weapons or firearms and ammunition storage – Education and training in shooting – Shooting competitions

Course tiers

4 levels of training are offered    – Theme course suitable for complete novices. No previous experience required.        – The participant should have – and be able to successfully demonstrate –  the basic skills and knowledge in the subject matter. For example, in regards to shooting they should have basic mastery of weapons handling, firing and safety knowledge      – The participants are expected to have a higher level of knowledge and skills in the course subject matter.  Our Level 3 training is also suitable for professionals, individuals and Military/Police Team Training.  This level is also intended for those who have successfully completed our level 2 courses.      – Courses are only for the students which they passed through our Level 1 to Level 3 courses


Questions and Answers

I ordered a course that I paid at that time. Can I count on my participation 100%? After paying your order you will receive a confirmation message at the email address provided. From that point on you can count with your course attandance for 100%. If I have a question about the course, the venue or if I need to apologize for the delay, who should I contact best? About a month before each of the course dates we assign instructors to lead the specific courses. You can find both their phone number and email address on their website profile. Use them for your questions at any time. I would like to sign up for a shooting course, but I do not have a gun license or gun.  Is this a problem? Czech laws will not restrict your participation in the course if you do not have a gun or a gun license. In this case, just like everyone else, you shoot under the supervision of an experienced instructor. So you can shoot even if you do not hold a gun license. Furthermore, we are able to provide you, for an additional charge, a weapon and ammunition. I would like to join some of the courses, but I do not know whether or not my lack of knowledge will be a problem or will hinder the other students.  I am only a beginner. Courses are classified into three categories, called TIER. Each course has different demands and requirements and are for certain ability levels. You can read more in the link “ABOUT” and then click on ‘Course tiers’. Can I start with Tier 2 or Tier 3 directly? I took many courses around the World. I have been shooting for twenty years. You need to go through our courses level by level. From one to the top four. It is not possible to start with two or three. How do I register the course? It is important to register on our website. It is very simple and fast. The moment you are registered, you can login at any time to the site, and then you just select the course you’d like to participate in. Look for any of the listed dates to confirm the course. The registration information you want from me includes date of birth and phone number.  Why do you need this information? Date of birth is required for proper and correct certification of your course completion. Date of birth is an integral part of the certificate and provides for a true and original course certification. Phone number is used in the event that we need to contact you for any reason, and are unable to contact you via e-mail. In the event that my employer will want to verify the authenticity of the certificate, it is possible to contact you? Yes. On each certificate you will find a unique serial number and contact information, in which it is possible to verify authenticity.  You will also be provided with official & direct contact information of our foreign instructors How do I pay for the course and when?  Will I receive a receipt and/or invoice? In each course description you will see the price for the course which needs to be paid no later than 14 days after the course order to secure your place in the course date. The course fee isnon-refundable in cause you cancel the attandance less than week before the date. After each payment is done you get PDF file invoice placed in your website profile. On the photos from your courses I see very high quality tactical and well equipped participants. Do I need to be similarly equipped?  We are able to lend you most of the equipment free of charge and many courses can only be done with your basic equipment and clothing. No need to buy anything. It is often a rule that it is better to go to the course "light/Low profile" and just there to learn from the instructors and other students what equipment to buy subsequently. I am a woman and I would like to join your shooting courses. Can I do it among the men? Although there are not many women in the Czech shooting community, they often come to us to learn in shooting and tactics. There's nothing to worry about even a course full of gentlemen.


Training – US Police Grand View/Kansas City (SWAT unit, Patrol unit) - UAE Army Forces - UAE Presidental guard – US Army Europe – USAEUR OCSURG (Medical training providers) – Police of The Czech Republic (Counter Terror unit, SWAT of Prague, SWAT of Brno Emergency mobile unit, Close Protection Service, etc.) – Police of the Slovak Republic (PPU Trnava) – Customs Service of the Czech Republic (SON SWAT Team) – Army of The Czech Republic (601 Special Forces Group) – Municipal Police of Prague/Czech Republic (Police training center) – Filmka (The film stunts agency) – Radek Bruna (The most famous stunt in the Czech Republic) – Project Gecko (German/Israeli training company) – Trojan Europe (German training company) - Pretorians Group (Luxemburg training academy) – Israeli Tactical Combat School (German/Israeli training company) – Czech IPSC association (Association of practical shooting) – Al Qalaa Security UAE – KAPAP Czech republic - Back Thrust 回马枪防务 (Chineese training agency)   Close protection and Security Global Guardian DRAGBY Ltd. – Sting (World POP Star) – United States congressional delegations from Maryland – Pirouette (Israeli dancing group) – National basketball team of Israel Diamond Dreams JSC Czech Professional Company Ltd Advocate Mgr. Lucie Tycova Rambouskova Clients of LUKOIL Middle East – Alexey Kozin (Head security manager for personal protection) – Kevin Kooper a Johnny Underwood (Security and training managers) – Murad Barkhanoev (Deputy of director of WQ2 project) Clients of GAZPROM IRAQ Shield Tech s.r.o.

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These principles are applicable to respect the right to privacy in terms of protection of personal data in connection with this website. Personal data is processed in a way that ensures compliance with the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On protection of personal data and amending certain laws, as amended. When processing personal data we enforce adherence to standards of security and confidentiality. For the content and application of privacy on other web sites to which we refer to our website, we accept no liability. No links to our site are hidden. For reasons of statistical evaluation visits our website are third-party tools to monitor and store data for statistical evaluation of attendance. It is a tool of Google Analytics and AWStats. Please note that in order to facilitate navigation and orientation in these pages we use cookies technology. Cookies are data that are stored, from which these pages are viewed. Personal data further records Internet connectivity and the hosting provider for this server. These data records are bound by rules of confidentiality. Data about visitors to this site may only be disclose by law and only if required to do so by law and only to the extent that the law imposes. The processing and archiving of personal data also occurs because of the issue of certificates and authorization letters that you get after completing the course. Log on our website and you consent to the processing of personal data, as characterized above. In the event of changes to the Privacy Policy changes will appear on this page.


Perhaps due to the war in Ukraine or maybe due to the post covid hunger for education in our field, an incredible 12,000 people passed our company's courses in 2022 and 2023! The company's annual revenue was more than 1,1 mil EUR. Over the last five years, Hard Task Training has achieved a turnover of approximately CZK 4 mil EUR. To this date 22,000 people have attended Hard Task courses. In late 2021 Hard Task received accreditation from Ministry of Interior to teach the State's reserve training courses. During the first year of providing these courses Hard Task company was able to fill upwards of a dozen dates with a total of approximately 850 students. As of February 2024, more than 1,100 people have completed mentioned courses. Despite government measures against the spread of SARS COVID19 in 2020, when Hard Task Training was not allowed to operate any services for 4 months, the number of people who went through the full range of courses offered climbed to an incredible 2341. Hard Task Training Ltd. trained 2622 students in the Year 2019 which is almost same number as in Year 2018 (2608 students) and more than double than the Year 2016 (1078 students) and almost 600 more than Year 2017 (2054 students) Over 2/3 of all mentioned students attended shooting courses such as Dynamic Rifle, Dynamic Pistol, Tactical Shotgun, Sniper courses, VCQB, Shooting Instructor, Team Work or Low Light. Rest of the students attended tactical courses such as CQB, Small Unit Tactics, Close Protection, Personal Security Detail, Speed Boat or Air Assault. Approx. 300 of the trainees attended medical courses such as Combat Life Saver or TECC and Tactical Tracker, Survival, Tactical Driving, Hand to Hand combat and Expandable Baton courses. In the Years 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017, our Support Services (providing the shooting ranges, training sites, guns and ammunition, cars or medical equipment) were used by prestigious clients Project Gecko, Pretorians Group, Trojan Europe, Israeli Tactical Combat School, Tasmanian Tiger and Krav Maga of the Czech Republic, 3GUNUK. Our company website www.hardtask.cz in 2022 season visited 702.407 people. The year before (2021) it was 363.756 and in the 2020 234.502 people visited our website.

Terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") govern the relationships arising between the Seller and the Buyer when ordering goods and providing training courses. 1. Definition of the contracting parties The Seller is the company HARD TASK TRAINING s.r.o. ID No.: 07530757 Registered office: Hovorčovická 702, Postal Code 250 85 BAŠŤ, Czech Republic, registered in the register under file number 301847 C kept at the Municipal Court in Prague (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"). The Buyer is a natural or legal person who places an order for goods and/or educational courses of the Seller electronically via the website www.hardtask.cz (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer"). 2. Sale of training courses Information on courses and price The course and price information provided by the Seller is binding except in the case of manifest error. Prices are presented inclusive of all taxes (e.g. VAT) and charges, except for delivery costs. The Seller reserves the right to change prices. Information on the accepted methods of payment is given in the order form. The Seller does not charge any fees depending on the payment method. The buyer is obliged to make payment at his own expense. In the event that the Buyer does not make payment at his/her own expense, i.e., the transaction costs will be debited to the Seller, an additional invoice will be issued to the Buyer for the balance of this amount. Acceptance of an order with an amendment or deviation is not acceptance of the order. Confirmation of the content of an order concluded in a form other than in writing, which shows deviations from the actual agreed content of the order, shall have no legal effect. Acceptance of unsolicited performance by the Buyer does not constitute acceptance of the offer. Delivery of the training course Delivery of the course means payment of the full amount of the course fee by the Buyer. The Buyer shall receive a proper invoice - tax document in PDF format to the e-mail address provided in the order within 5 working days of the amount being credited to the Seller's account. The Buyer can also download the invoice by logging into his account on the website www.hardtask.cz. Order cancellation and cancellation fees The Buyer is entitled to cancel an order for an educational course in writing no later than 10 days before the scheduled date of the course by sending a cancellation request to finance@hardtask.cz or dan@hardtask.cz. In this case, the order shall be deemed cancelled and the Buyer shall be entitled to a refund of 100% of the price already paid for the course, which shall be returned to the bank account from which the order was paid upon his/her written request. The Buyer is not entitled to cancel the order for the training course later than 10 days before the date of the course. If the purchaser nevertheless cancels the order later than this date, the price already paid for the course will not be refunded. In justified cases, Hard Task Training s.r.o. may make an exception and offer another course date as a substitute. If the purchaser commits any gross safety violation during any of the courses, the instructor is entitled to immediately exclude the purchaser from the course without refund of the course fee. If the purchaser leaves of his/her own volition at any time during the course, thereby failing to complete the course, he/she shall not be entitled to a refund of the course fee. If the training course is cancelled for reasons on the part of Hard Task Training s.r.o. after the payment of the course fee by the Purchaser, the Purchaser will be refunded the full price paid back to the bank account from which such payment was received on the bank account of Hard Task Training s.r.o. upon his written request, no later than 10 working days from the date of delivery of the refund request to Hard Task Training s.r.o. Hard Task Training s.r.o. reserves the right to cancel an order for a training course in the event that the minimum capacity of the course is not met, which is always stated in the course description on the Hard Task Training s.r.o. website. Hard Task Training s.r.o. undertakes to inform the purchaser electronically by e-mail sent to the address specified in the order, no later than 10 days before the date of the expected course. In this case, the Buyer will be refunded the full price paid back to the bank account from which such payment was received to the bank account of Hard Task Training s.r.o. upon his written request, no later than 10 working days from the date of receipt of the refund notice. Withdrawal from the contract According to § 1829 of the Civil Code No. 89/2012 Coll., the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of the purchase of the course, goods or voucher. It is sufficient to inform the Seller in writing via email finance@hardtask.cz. The further process will be governed by Act No. 89/2012 Coll. About training courses in general Dates and prices of training courses, including any changes, are published by the Seller on its website www.hardtask.cz. The Seller may adjust the dates of training events during the year according to its conditions and operational possibilities, but it may only change the dates if no order has been created for the date or if the potential Buyers agree to the change. The price of the educational event is fixed for the date, but the Seller reserves the right to change it (change in the amount of VAT, foreign currency exchange rate, etc.). Educational courses in the basic price include: - tuition according to the curriculum; - materials in electronic or printed form (if specified in the terms and conditions of the educational event); - instructor's explanation; - certificates of completion of the course The contract between the Seller and the Buyer is concluded on the date of payment of the order. The Seller decides whether to allow payment for the course in instalments. In the event of non-payment of the instalment according to the instalment schedule, the Seller reserves the right to suspend the course to the Buyer on the date of the instalment until the payment is made and the amount is credited to the Seller's account. There shall be no legal entitlement to the instalments. The Seller shall decide on the method, duration and amount of discounts. Discounts are granted only to members of the Hard Task Rangers Sport Shooting Club z.s. In order for the Buyer to apply the discount, it is necessary to submit the order as a registered user with the specified membership to the HTR club. The Seller is not obliged to grant additional requests for discount. There is no legal entitlement to discounts. An educational event will be arranged if the number of registered and paying participants reaches the minimum number required to cover the costs (the minimum number of participants varies according to the type of educational event, the venue and depends on the cost of range hire, premises, accommodation and instructor transport). Buyers who do not pay the cost of the training course at least one day before the start of the course will not be accepted. If for any reason the course is cancelled, the Seller will refund the money received within 7 days of the delivery of the Buyer's bank account number. 3. Taking photo and video documentation during the course The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Hard Task Training Ltd. instructors will take photographs or videos during the course which may later be published via social media or the company's website for the purpose of course coverage or other promotion. If the purchaser specifically does not wish to be in any photo/video footage, they will notify the instructor prior to the start of the course. He/she will leave the buyer out during the photo/video documentation.   4. Effectiveness and changes to the Terms and Conditions These General Terms and Conditions are effective from 1 December 2018 and replace all previous General Terms and Conditions in their entirety. However, the previous General Terms and Conditions shall govern purchase contracts concluded while they were in force. The Seller shall be entitled to change the terms and conditions at any time and shall not be obliged to inform the Seller thereof. It is the Buyer's responsibility to familiarise himself with the wording of the Terms and Conditions when entering into any contract of sale. 5. Final provisions Cases and relations not covered by these terms and conditions shall be governed by the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic. Hard Task Training Ltd.