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Hard Task Training is a European leader in the providing of professional training in the field of shooting, tactics and combat medicine, possessing extensive training facilities including two modern commercial shooting ranges with a variety of outdoor and indoor shooting sections, 22,000 students from all over the world including civilians and members of armed forces, over 300 modern or classic firearms owned and regularly provided on courses, millions of safely discharged rounds by both instructors and clients, resulting in lives, health, and property saved. This is all embodied in Hard Task Training company. Welcome!

Thanks to our highly qualified team of instructors, each of whom is a recognized expert in their field in the Czech Republic and worldwide, we deliver to our clients and share with them the latest techniques, knowledge, and skills necessary for successful shooting and tactical training or mastering medical care in combat or tactical conditions. We are firmly committed to the vision of providing first-class training that enables individuals to reach their maximum potential and excel in their professional careers or hobbies. The key to success is a quality team of well-selected professionals who teach only topics in which they are industry-leading experts.

The CEO, chief instructor, and manager of Hard Task Training is Zdenek Charvat, who completed his service with the Czech Police in 2012, where he served as an instructor in the Rapid Response Mobile Unit in Prague. He continued his professional career as a contractor - personal protection officer in Iraq. At the end of 2012, he obtained a concession to operate shooting ranges, training, and shooting instruction, and since 2013, he began organizing shooting courses together with Milos Muller during his vacations when returning from foreign missions to the Czech Republic. Due to their high quality, precision, and professionalism, their popularity among clients grew, and Zdenek wanted to meet the increasing number of people interested in taking their courses. Thus, at the turn of 2013 and 2014, he laid the foundations for the name, brand, logo, and initial presentations of the Hard Task company, under which commercial shooting training was further developed, gradually adding tactical and medical courses. In 2016, the interest in the courses they organized reached such intensity that Zdenek and Milos devoted almost every day of their vacations to teaching clients. They decided to end their 4-year career in Iraq and dedicate themselves to full-time training. Their reward was 1078 students who underwent training that same year.

Another milestone in successful development was the year 2017. Hard Task company acquired an outdoor shooting range with a variety of shooting sections, and thanks to cooperation with new instructors and increased personnel and spatial capacities, it was able to satisfy 2000 clients in the same year. To this day, it has trained more than 22,000 from many countries around the world. At the end of 2021, it obtained accreditation for teaching within the System of Shooting Training for the Reserves of the State, and during the first year, it managed to fill higher tens of course dates with almost 850 interested individuals. By the end of February 2024, more than 1,100 people had completed these courses at Hard Task Training company. The conflict in Ukraine combined with the pent-up appetite for education in the field during the period of anti-COVID measures laid the foundation for further growth. In 2023, the company served nearly 6,000 clients, continuing the success of the similarly prosperous year 2022. Achieving such values places Hard Task Training company at the forefront of providers of similar training not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. It has become one of the most respected training agencies in Europe and worldwide.

The diligence and professionalism of the entire team of instructors resulted in Hard Task travelling to the United Arab Emirates where it has the honor to train, prepare and constantly maintain in shooting, tactical and medical training it‘s military and protection team operators. Since mid 2021 Hard Task has been working closely with company Bowenite on training contracts in Africa.