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Our company offers wide range of training courses. These include Close Protection and Personal Security Detail tactical courses, CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and CQB Advanced, CQB Week, One man CQB and Home Defense, FIBUA, and the prestigious US SWAT Week course, military training courses as SUT (Small Unit tactics) and SUT Advanced and Speed ​​boat, tracking of the human Tactical Tracker and police training course Active Shooter or our unique five-day CQB NIGHT and two-day NVGTAC course that teaches tactical techniques and shooting with night vision.

Hard Task Training offers many shooting and training courses which consist of a portfolio of several levels of Dynamic Pistol and Dynamic Rifle courses as well as a two-day intensive Tactical Shotgun course focused on weapon handling and shooting with the tactical pump or semi-auto shotgun. We also offer five different specialized sniper courses, a two-day Low Light shooting and tactical course and a one-day highly advanced individual tactical and shooting course for the individual and teams Team Work and CQB Live Fire, for the Czech Republic and Europe unique course of fighting in and outside the car VCQB (Vehicle CQB), week long very intensive Shooting instructor course for current or future shooting instructors and last but not least a two day only legal exclusive helicopter shooting course on planet Earth outside the United States called Aerial Platform Operations.

We also offer medical courses focusing on military and combat environments CLS (Combat Life Saver) and CLS Advanced or the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and TECC Advanced for civilian and tactical environments.

Our service portfolio also includes Air Assault courses which are very advanced airborne courses focused on fast rope, SPIES/FIRES and landing deployments of the team. A pair of tactical and operational courses focused on tactical rappelling and working on high elevation building work - Tactical Rappel Basic and Tactical Rappel Advanced. Tactical driving course is very popular for various armed and security forces and agencies. There is also very precisely prepared four-day Survival course for you. Hand to Hand and Expandable Baton courses are worth mentioning with two-day very realistic Self-defense Scenarios which tests all your experience and you can see how you would behave at a critical moments in fight for your life or health.

For several years our instructors have been training the armed forces in the Czech Republic, where the best students are police officers of the SWAT Unit of the South Moravian Region, SWAT operators of the Operational Deployment Group of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic or members of 43rd Airborne Regiment of Army of the Czech Republic. However, the company focuses mainly on training military and police units abroad which required specialized intensive several-month courses in counterterrorism operations, sniper work, personal protection and medical training.