Aneta Hámorská

Position: Shooting and tactical instructor
Cell phone: +420731164008

Curriculum Vitae:

After completing the university studies focused on police Aneta joined the municipal police department as a full-time police officer where she acted as a part-time Chief assistant.  She worked as a police officer, as a K9 unit and over the past 5 years as a Chief of Police.

She worked for police almost 15 years. She is highly experienced by K9 unit work like using the patrol dogs, including the first response against the dangerous criminals, special items detection and search and rescue K9 tactics. Aneta is experienced by animal control, public relations (criminal and drug prevention), first aid response for example by serious traffic accidents, including many CPR. In the rest of her police career she was a shooting and tactical instructor for other police officers and other police departments. She acted as an external tutor of crisis management in the field of hazardous environment in high populated area and public spaces, for example in schools.

Over the past 10 years Aneta has had several internships in the USA to join shooting & tactical trainings in local police departments (California, Florida etc.) focused on active shooter response and K9 Search and Rescue.

Aneta was active in her profesional self education in the Czech Republic as well. She completed many police courses and many courses provided by different training companies, for example ESP, Aegis, Elite Lhenice etc., and in last years many courses provided by our company Hard Task, including SWAT week course.

During her police career she has won several prestigious medals and awards, for example in 2006 Ribbon for Saving a Human Life, in 2008 Ribbon for Bravery, in 2012 5 Years Loyal Service Ribbon and in 2017 10 Years Loyal Service Ribbon.