Tactical Tracker

Course information

Capacity: 16
Minimum trainees: 8
Price inc. VAT: 7,500.00
Course lenght: 30 h
Days: 3
Instructor capacity: 1
Instructors for this course:
Certificate: Hard Task certificate
HTR discount: 10 %

Course Description:

Tactical Tracker course is a hands-on basic visual man tracking course that provides valuable tactical tracking experience in a three-day time period. This course is perfect for those interested in Military, law enforcement, and security tactical training.

Students who attend this intensive three-day Tactical Tracking course learn basic visual tracking skills, proper mindset and basic tactical tracking tactics and techniques. Ultimately, the goal of this course is to provide trained tactical trackers who are capable of tracking and interdicting armed and dangerous subjects while surviving the inherent danger of pursuits, no matter the environment.


Basic theory, tactical tracking terminology, visual tracking techniques, human gait and track interpretation, visual and non-visual tracking indicators, factors that affect sign principles of tracking, track pursuit drill, mission of the tactical tracker squad, duties and responsibilities within the tactical tracker squad tracking element, formations and movement techniques, how to relocate a lost track line, final scenario.

Recommended equipment:

Comfortable tactical clothing or combat uniform and solid outdoor or military shoes (both adapted to the current weather and outdoor temperatures), belt, shooting goggles, knee pads, body armor or plate carrier with pouches for M4 magazines and hat or helmet, tactical flashlight and tactical gloves. But you can attend this course only in some tactical clothing with safety goggles and tactical gloves. No need to buy expensive tactical gear just for course purposes.


There will be training wepons available for all the participants.


Meeting at 08:30 – 08:45 am at the car park of the shooting range, the subsequent administration and preparation of equipment and materials. The beginning of class is at 09:00 and the end around 18:00. There will be one night excercise with late finish.


For little fee to cover the eletricity, heating and internet we are able to prepare You bed in the sleeping room at our shooting range house. In cause You would like to use this option please contact us by the email.


Czech with translation to english.

You can attend this course only if you have passed

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