Shooting ranges

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Hard Task owns and runs two - one outdoor and one indoor - commercial shooting ranges.

The Olesko shooting range is an outdoor commercial shooting range near Prague with seven independent shooting bays with variable shooting distances. The bays are designed to be fired from shooting stations located at any point in the firing area and are limited to pistol and rifle calibers from .22 to .50. It is also possible to fire shotguns and automatic weapons. We have thus continued the more than two-hundred-year tradition of operating a military shooting range in the Travcicky forest in the village of Olesko, Litomerice district. This firing range served the military for training from the time of the construction of the Terezin fortress until the end of the 1990s, when the military garrison in Terezín was closed down. Since 1 January 2017 we can offer you one of the longest and most modern shooting ranges in the Czech Republic, which can be easily reached by driving on the D8 motorway within 30 minutes from Prague. There is a bay A with a length of 300 meters and a shooting area width of 50 meters for a maximum of 20 shooters, bay B with a length of 100 meters and a width of about 10 meters with a maximum of 6 shooters. This is used mainly for zeroing precision rifles or shooting at longer distances with semi rifles and carbines. There are also several smaller shooting bays, marked C to F, with lengths between 18 and 25 metres and a shooting area width of approximately 10 to 20 metres, with a maximum of 6 to 12 shooters per firing line. Bay G is the smallest on the entire range, but still provides a comfortable space for several shooters to practice their own shooting or have a small private lesson with an instructor. B to G bays allow three-directional / 180-degree shooting, and two sections even allow 360-degree shooting.

For your training you can use over 40 steel targets, more than 50 heavy duty target stands, over 40 m of barricades, doors for simulation of entry techniques in CQB, training mobile cars, classroom for over 20 students, kitchen, sleeping room or showers and toilets as well as WiFi internet connection.

The indoor Gun range in the Brandys nad Labem town (15 km out of Prague to the North-East) offeres a 25m range for pistol and rifle training where 4 shooters can shoot at the same time. The range itself is the most modern indoor range in the Czech Republic. The back stop containes ballistic rubber and 20 mm HARDOX 600 to securly contain any legal firearms bullet. The walls are covered by ballistic/acustic rubber pannels. You can also use a nice class room for 10-12 students with big TV screen, fridge and caffe machine.

In case you need to rent the guns and buy ammo then please check this price list for more information.

For more information such as price list or reservation system please visit the websites of outdoor range and indoor range