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Course information

Capacity: 16
Minimum trainees: 8
Price inc. VAT: 16,500.00
Course lenght: 70 h
Days: 7
Instructor capacity: 2
Instructors for this course:
David Petr
Certificate: Hard Task certificate
HTR discount: 10 %

Course Description:

Tactical course PSD focuses on teaching the skills needed to perform the job of a security contractor – operator PSD team in countries such as Iraq , Afghanistan, Libya or Syria


Basic theory, walking drills, dbus and enbus the vehicle, emergency response, response to attack at static locations and attack while walking or column formation, mission planning, tracking system and working with the map, radio communications, driving training, model situations, live fire training and model scenarios in a real environment …

Recommended equipment:

Pens, flash drive or external hard disk, comfortable civilian or tactical clothing and solid outdoor or sports shoes (both adapted to the current weather and outdoor temperatures), belt, high-quality and safe kydex or plastic hand gun holster placed on the strong hand side and covering the trigger guard, holster for the magazine, shooting goggles, hearing protection (headphones, earbuds ...), knee pads, body armor or plate carrier and helmet. Just simply bring the clothing or duty gear based on your civilian or Law Enforcement/Military daily usage.

Nylon or similar soft pistol holsters as well as underarm holsters are very dangerous for the training as well as for the user safety in real weapon carry. Please avoid wearing them for the course and even in real life. Kydex and plastic holsters for Glock 17/19/26/43, Walther PPQ / PPS / Creed, H&K SFP9, S&W MP9 or CZ 85/75 together with a magazine holster are available on the range for free. Please let us know in advance which of them we should prepare for you.

Appendix carry holsters are allowed but it must meet the definition of a high quality and safe kyded or plastic hand gun holster, preferably kydex holster placed on the strong hand side and covering the trigger guard.

In last two days of instructions the course scenarios will be conducted in a real environment in the city of Prague so bring civilian clothes which will be adapted for concealed carry weapons and equipment.


Pistol with 2 magazines and 100 rounds + Rifle with 2 magazines and 300 rounds (We recommend You to bring more ammo) + holsters and pouches for the magazines. In cause of using subcompact pistol (G42/G43 etc) please bring at least 3 spare magazines.

For an additional fee, according to the current price list at that date when you book the course, we are able to secure both weapons and ammunition for you as well as holsters, ear and eye protection. With the course reservation please book one of the options "AR15 or AK47/Sa58 and pistol with ammo for PSD course" in our e-shop. In cause you would like to try some other gun than our standard issued training Glock 17 and AR15 STAG/BCM or AK47/Sa58, please feel free to pick up pistol and rifle from the gun list which you can find on "Our weapons" page in main menu.

For a tactical part of this course you will be equiped by our training FX Simunition guns for free.


Mainly you will train at outdoor commercial shooting range Olesko, some days you will be operating in bigger towns around and in capital city Prague.


Meeting at 08:30 – 08:45 am at the car park of the shooting range, the subsequent administration and preparation of equipment and materials. The beginning of class is at 09:00 and the end around 18:00.


For little fee to cover the eletricity, heating and internet we are able to prepare You bed in the sleeping room at our shooting range house In cause You would like to use this option please contact us by the email.


Czech with translation to English.

You can attend this course only if you have passed

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