David Rok

E-mail: david@hardtask.cz
Cell phone: +420777717479

Curriculum Vitae:

David's career as a soldier began with studies at the University of Defence after which he joined the 601st Special Forces Group as a Group Commander, a position he held for 6 years.

During his service he attended numerous domestic and international courses, exercises and training sessions covering the full spectrum of special operations - from green tactics (SUT) to grey (low signature operations) to black (FIBUA, CQB).  During his career he had the opportunity to work with other units of the Czech Armed Forces, special units of the Czech Police and Customs as well as special units of other countries such as the Slovak 5th Special Forces Regiment, IDF units and US Special Forces. He had the opportunity to look at different approaches and concepts of training and take away the best from them.

He got also good experience during his deployment to Africa (2018) and his mission in Afghanistan (2019-2020). On both occasions he served as an instructor to partner units providing them with marksmanship and tactical training and all associated administration as well as direct action operations.