Aneta Hámorská

Curriculum Vitae: After completing the university studies focused on police Aneta joined the municipal police department as a full-time police officer where she acted as a part-time Chief assistant.  She worked as a police officer, as a K9 unit and over the past 5 years as a Chief of Police. She worked for police almost 15 years. She is highly experienced by K9 unit work like using the patrol dogs, including the first response against the dangerous criminals, special items detection and search and rescue K9 tactics. Aneta is experienced by animal control, public relations (criminal and drug prevention), first aid response for example by serious traffic accidents, including many CPR. In the rest of her police career she was a shooting and tactical instructor for other police officers and other police departments. She acted as an external tutor of crisis management in the field of hazardous environment in high populated area and public spaces, for example in schools. Over the past 10 years Aneta has had several internships in the USA to join shooting & tactical trainings in local police departments (California, Florida etc.) focused on active shooter response and K9 Search and Rescue. Aneta was active in her profesional self education in the Czech Republic as well. She completed many police courses and many courses provided by different training companies, for example ESP, Aegis, Elite Lhenice etc., and in last years many courses provided by our company Hard Task, including SWAT week course. During her police career she has won several prestigious medals and awards, for example in 2006 Ribbon for Saving a Human Life, in 2008 Ribbon for Bravery, in 2012 5 Years Loyal Service Ribbon and in 2017 10 Years Loyal Service Ribbon.

Boris Rek

Curriculum Vitae: Boris’s career began in 1991 when he joined the two-year obligatory military service. From 1993 to 1996 he worked in different positions of private security services and in 1996 he became a patrol policeman of the Police of the Czech Republic. After three years of active service and the necessary preparation and effort he managed to succeed in the selection procedure and hell week of the SWAT Team of the Police Force of the Czech Republic where he worked as a sniper. A major career challenge was the establishment of the Special Operations Group (SOG) of the Czech Armed Forces where he started to serve in the beginning of 2003 as team leader, instructor and especially the sniper. Between 2003 and 2005 Boris passed a total of two Close Protection missions in Iraq and in 2008 he served with his SF operators in Helmand province in and in 2012 he joined training mission in Wardak province, both in Afghanistan.

Daniel Sarman

Curriculum Vitae: Daniel is a professional firemen and air rescue instructor for work in heights.

David Rok

Curriculum Vitae: David's career as a soldier began with studies at the University of Defence after which he joined the 601st Special Forces Group as a Group Commander, a position he held for 6 years. During his service he attended numerous domestic and international courses, exercises and training sessions covering the full spectrum of special operations - from green tactics (SUT) to grey (low signature operations) to black (FIBUA, CQB).  During his career he had the opportunity to work with other units of the Czech Armed Forces, special units of the Czech Police and Customs as well as special units of other countries such as the Slovak 5th Special Forces Regiment, IDF units and US Special Forces. He had the opportunity to look at different approaches and concepts of training and take away the best from them. He got also good experience during his deployment to Africa (2018) and his mission in Afghanistan (2019-2020). On both occasions he served as an instructor to partner units providing them with marksmanship and tactical training and all associated administration as well as direct action operations.

Dean Hutson

Curriculum Vitae: Lieutenant Colonel Dean Hutson is a 24 year veteran of the American Police Forces and a 29 year veteran of the United States Army. As a Deputy Chief of Police he has served as Patrol Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, SWAT Team Sniper, SWAT Team Sergeant, SWAT Team Commander and Patrol Division Commander/Deputy Chief of Police.  He is a Range Master and graduate of the FBI National Academy at Quantico and the FBI Sniper Course. Deputy Chief Hutson is a well known and highly respected instructor who regularly conducts training throughout Europe, South America the United States and Asia.  He is a Police Academy Instructor and a POST certified instructor in the United States. As a US Army Lieutenant Colonel he is Commander of a Special Marksmanship Unit who has deployed in combat – with the US Army Special Operations Command – to Iraq, Bosnia, Kurdistan and Afghanistan.  He is mountain warfare qualified and has earned the Military Parachute Badges of 7 countries. He has been awarded 3 Bronze Stars, 2 Meritorious Service Medals and the Combat Action Badge. He holds a US Government Top Secret Security Clearance and his most recent combat tour lasted 15 months as a primary Combat Security Advisor to the US Embassy in Afghanistan.

Jaroslav Duchon

Curriculum Vitae: Jaroslav is Czech Army paramedic since 2006. From January 2012 officially became head of training and education center for the preparation of Czech Army Combat Lifesavers. He is also military vice President of the Czech Association of Combat Medics. He served in foreign operations ISAF Afghanistan in 2008 and 2010, EUTM Mali 2015. Since 2009 he is doing development and teaching of TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) for the Czech Republic. He has been practicing his medical skills at Red Cross, EMS and hospital Czech Budejovice.

Joseph Crane

Curriculum Vitae: Joseph spent more than 17 Years in the Law Enforcement and Military service of the Czech Republic. Over 10 Years served as firearms and tactical instructor. His top of career was work as security contractor in Iraq.

Justin English

Curriculum Vitae: Since 1998, Justin English has worked as an American Police Officer. His career progressed through typical positions such as patrol officer, narcotics Officer and SWAT team sniper, worked in a special group investigating and intervening against the perpetrators of the most serious crimes and now he leads his officers as Sergeant and SWAT Team Leader. With his brother Jared  hefounded the company English group, which focuses on shooting-tactical training, and the specialty of teaching Low Light shooting tactics, a tactical procedure used in reduced visibility. Justin is an excellent instructor and specializes in all phases of Low Light instruction.

Lukas Simek

Curriculum Vitae: Lukas Simek is associated with security and military sphere almost 18 years. He started in the military and leter in the year 2005 had been working as a member of armed response unit in private security company. Two years later had been promoted and began to operate as close protection officer where he protects people from media and political environment. As close protection officer, he had also established cooperation with Slovak Football Union. The Slovak Football Union chose Lukas as a member of close protection team for the men´s FIFA World Cup in 2010 which took place in South Africa. He brought priceless experience from there. In addition to work, he was getting valuable experience from tactical and shooting courses and shooting competitions according to IPSC, IPA and IDPA rules. He took part in courses of the following companies: Hard Task, IBA, RDA and I.C.E. Training Company. He himself and his team won the 1st place at the 8th International Bodyguard Skills Championship. Last but not least, Lukas was also successful in sports field. He became four times Slovak national champion in boxing, two times Slovak national champion in kickboxing and is a medallist from many prestigious boxing and kickboxing international tournaments. In 2005 he won the European Championship in kickboxing

Martin Spevak

Curriculum Vitae: For more than 20 years, Martin dedicates himself to shooting, especially defense shooting. In 2016 he passed out intensive 12-months private course under the leadership of Zdeněk Charvát focusing on training of tactical shooting with handguns and firearms. Subsequently, Martin attended many courses under Hard Task including tactical courses (Close protection, CQB, Low Light, Combat LifeSaver etc.). In 2018, he became one of the first certificated graduates of prestigious Shooting Instructor course under the leadership of Zdeněk Charvát and Miloš Müller with the result of the best trainee. In his leisure time, Martin goes in for boxing and martial art of Jeet Kune Do in REBEL GYM Prague.

Milos Müller

Curriculum Vitae: Milos Müller began to seriously address the issue of combat and self-defense tactics in 1987 and in 1991 obtained a firearms license to facilitate this training. He seriously started to deal with defense shooting in 1992, when he met with a number of enthusiasts, future and today’s professionals. he became professionally acquainted with people who, at that time, were experienced staff, members and officers of the units dedicated to the protection of constitutional officials. From these professionals he learned the basics of not only technology, but also the philosophy of defense with firearms. It was a turning point that started Milošová career as a shooter and later an instructor. At that time, he also began devoting more and more time to competition shooting. He always was drawn to the more dynamic shooting disciplines. Eventually he focused on IPSC shooting and defensive shooting under the rules of IDPA respectively, AOS CR and the like. Competition shooting was always perceived as an opportunity to check your shooting skills in terms of speed, gaining experience and taking the opportunity to see and compete with the best. He began to expand his knowledge and abilities at an increased rate. The result is that he began a long and successful run in the Czech Republic with many notable achievements at national and international level, such as championships and vice-champion Czech Republic in the IPSC disciplines, champion of the Baltic countries in IPSC and other medal positions. In 1993, he joined the Prague City Police. m. Prague. Here, through regular patrols and service operations with the MP unit, he also worked in 1996 as an instructor of shooting and tactical training, where he served until 2012. He has been working as a contractor in the PSD team in Iraq since that time. Over the years, he gained experience in courses focused on professional training, use of weapons in defense as well as courses on various combat systems focused primarily on self-defense. Many of the skills and experience he gained from continuous contacts and consultations with colleagues and other instructors in the armed forces and members of the special forces, which draws it tactics directly from real conditions of their service. Very valuable information and experience was also gained from his friends & fellow police officers and special teams instructor living in the USA. His many years of experience in the service of special services, from fighting in the Middle East, are an invaluable source of information.

Miloslav Sveda

Curriculum Vitae: After completing the mandatory military service, Miloslav has started his long career with the Police of the Czech Republic in 1995. His first position was patrol officer and later he became instructor at the Special Anti-riot Unit. In 2001 and 2002 he worked as an instructor of the Department for the Protection of Witnesses of the Police Czech Republic. In 2002, Miloslav returned to the Special Anti-riot Unit and joined the Special training group, where he served until 2008 as an instructor of shooting, tactical and special training. Since 2008 he has been engaged in his own business activities in the area of ​​training and teaching weapon handling, security and consultancy services, professional lecturing activities, special techniques in the field of Property Security. In the recent years he is focusing on Active shooter training in the form of seminars, courses and exercise for the governmental and private institutions. During his police career Miloslav was responsible for the preparation of Special Police Units who were used against the threats causing mass disruption in the public order (IMF, NATO). He was responsible for creation of technical and tactical plans to ensure public safety and organize anti-terrorist protection of the important objects/buildings (US Embassy, ​​Radio Free Europe, the headquarter of the Jewish religious community, Prague Congress Center) and other security measures (Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, visits of US presidents – Bush, Obama, Pope JP II), etc.

Pavel Gregory

Curriculum Vitae: Pavel completed mandatory military service at special reconnaissance unit between Years 1991 and 1992. In 1993 Pavel joined the private security service and he was responsible for emergnency calls, valuables transport and VIP protection (by the way he ensured personal protection of important athletes when they visiting the Czech republic).  After this he started working in municipal police departments as a police officer. At first he worked several years in a county city, then he worked many years in smaller cities. He acted in regular positions and many years as a head of municipal police. Pavel worked as a K9 unit more than 20 years. He is experienced by animal control, public relations (criminal and drug prevention). Most of his police carrier he was a shooting and tactical instructor for other police officers and other police departments. He acted as an external tutor of crisis management in the field of hazardous environment in high populated area and public spaces, for example in schools.  Over the past 10 years Pavel has had several internships in the USA to join shooting & tactical trainigs in local police departments. He repeated these visits to different US states, where in addition to familiarizing themselves with modern equipment, methods of work and training of the police and rescue units, he also attended courses organized by the police for the public, for example on the topic "how to survive an active attacker".  In the Czech republic Pavel completed many police courses and many courses provided by different training companies, for example ESP, Aegis, Elite Lhenice etc., and in last years many courses provided by our company Hard Task, including SWAT week course.

Pavel Hubatka

Curriculum Vitae: Pavel has 30 years of professional experience. He served for 10 years in the Czech Republic Army Reconnaissance Airborne units during which time he deployed to UN and NATO operations in former Yugoslavia / Bosnia (UNPROFOR, SFOR).  Another 10 years Paul served in the Czech Republic Army Special Operations Forces. He deployed to Iraq (OIF), Kosovo (KFOR), Helmand, Afghanistan (ISAF), Uruzgan, Afghanistan (OEF), and Nangarhar, Afghanistan (ISAF-SOF).  Pavel retired as Chief Warrant Officer.  During the last 10 years, Paul has been working as a security specialist and instructor, with multiple deployments in Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, and the U.A.E.  Paul is a graduate of US Army RANGER School, US Special Warfare Center and School Q-course as a Weapons Sergeant, and also US Air Force JTAC (Forward Air Controller) Q-course.

Radek Vasicek

Curriculum Vitae: Radek Vasicek started his professional career in the French Foreign Legion, where he was selected to serve in the elite unit 2REP (2nd Regiment of Parachutists of the Foreign Legion).  During his service in this unit, he was on several missions in Africa (Djibouti, Chad, Republic of Central Africa and others. In total, he spent more than 2 years on missions in Africa.  After leaving this elite unit, he worked as an Air Marshal for Air France.  In 2003, he received an offer from the British security company Hart Group and later SIS to operate in Iraq as a Close protection operator.  After several years of working as a CP operator and CP Team leader, he was offered the position of CP Team Leader in Afghanistan in the protection team of the EU ambassador in Afghanistan.  This work requires constant attention and continuous training and improvement in various fields. CQB, tactical driving, medical training, shooting ext.  Later, he was offered the position of CP Team leader in the close protection team of the EU Ambassador in Haiti.  After many years of working in a high risk environment, Radek was approached with an offer to train the security service in Kazakhstan.  After completing his training in Kazakhstan, Radek returned to Iraq for a short time as a CP TL for a newly established French/English security company.  Since 2012, Radek has been a CP Team leader / Training manager / Instructor in the private client protection team.

Roman Toska

Curriculum Vitae: Roman served 24 years in 601 Czech Army Special Forces Group. He was specialized in positions such as  team breacher 18C,  C-IED and EOD instructor. He participated on 7 foreign combat missions in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan in positions team member, 18C, EOD specialist, C-IED instructor, "Guardien Angel", member of close protection team the Czech Embassy in Kabul (KAMBA). He completed many special shooting and tactical courses as CSAR, pyrotechnic, airborne and free fall HAHO and HALO training. Participated on joint international training with foreign armed forces as US SF Green Berets, US NAVY SEAL, SAS, JWK and Jagdkommando. Roman also taught on special pyrotechnic preparations and courses of military units of the Army of the Czech Republic and foreign armies as well as special units of the Afghan police in cooperation with coalition partners (US SOF, DEA).

Tomas Frolik

Curriculum Vitae: Tomas was a member of  armed forces since 1995 when he joined the The Police of the Czech Republic. Until 2000 he worked as a patrol policeman at the District Police Department. After he succeeded in the tender, he became a member of The Response unit of The Prague Police Force (SWAT). There he intervened against dangerous perpetrators, drug dealers and robbers for impressive 17 years. Since 2008, he has been a negotiator and since 2010 he has been the instructor of shooting, tactics and close combat of that unit. For more than 23 years of career, Tomas has acquired knowledge and skills from the best in his field, for example, with US policemen attending the US Police SWAT Week in Missouri, USA, the FX Simunition instructor course in the Netherlands, the intensive CQB course at Spartan tactical Under the leadership of Jim Smith, many medical courses of the Czech Armed Forces focused on tactical medicine, Aegis Academy courses and countless of ours, namely the Hard Task courses. His other specializations include close combat, self-defense and cold weapons fighting. These skills have been trained for more than 15 years under the leadership of Martin Hradecký in Arnis and Balaraw Fighting Club, focusing on unarmed combat, knife and short pole / telescopic baton. He checks his shooting skills by participating in IPSC, LOS, and in the past by shooting competitions within the Police.

Tomas Pavelka

Curriculum Vitae: Tomas started his career in 1995 as a shooter/diver in the Special reconnaissance unit of the Czech Army. During years 1998 to 2003 he used to work as an operator for the Escort Prisoner Unit at the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. From 2004 to 2008 Tomas had short-term Close protection and security contracts. Since 2008 Tomas is working as a personal guard for the Consul of Monaco abroad. During years  2011 and 2012 Tomas was protecting celebrities such as Lawrence H. Summers, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, or Gazprom’s clients at the Vienna Summit. Tomas acquired his knowledge on dozens of shooting and tactical courses at Hard Task, Aegis Academy and RDA. He mastered several medical courses such as Emergency First Responder, National Rescue Training Medical Course, CPR & AED Course. With his team he won 2nd place in the 8th International Bodyguarding Skills Championship.

Vaclav Rocen

Curriculum Vitae: After graduating from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in 1983 Vaclav joined the police of the Czech republic as an investigator of the Criminal Police and Investigation Group. In 1990 he passed the selection for the Counter terrorist unit where he served for the next 15 years. At first as a member of the tactical team, later worked as deputy team leader of the tactical team, then commander of Special intervention group and his career ended as an shooting, tactical and special training instructor.  During his professional career he passed a wide range of foreign and home exercises, trainings and courses where he met members of units such as Delta Force, SAS, SO19, RAID, GIGN, GSG9, Cobra, BBE, NOCS or GIS. He has received many training certifications such as work at heights and jump master. He participated in interventions against dangerous armed offenders. Vaclav also tried various positions of the Czech Embassy's protection team in Baghdad, Iraq. After leaving the Police service in 2006 he began to focus on security services, followed by training and consulting for various governmental organizations and armed forces in countries such as Kurdistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Iraq, Egypt or UAE.

Zdenek Charvat

Curriculum Vitae: Zdenek Charvat has operated professionally in the field of Law enforcement and security for 20 years, of which more than half of those years were spent as an shooting and tactical instructor in the Police of The Czech Republic and now civilian shooting and tactical instructor. The most successful period of his career has been spent on Training department of Emergency Motorized Unit of the Police of the Czech Republic – Prague.  With the help of his colleagues and the support of the then commander of the unit he founded and had the opportunity to prepare a complete and very successful training system and methodology for this unit. Zdenek has both worked and trained on many missions around the world, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, USA , Italy, Finland , Spain , Bulgaria, Latvia and Slovakia. During these missions he has gained valuable practical experience that he can now pass on to students on our courses. During his career, he has written, worked on, and created several training manuals and films, including a series of DVDs featuring Tactical Shooting operations, actions & intervention against active shooters and the advanced use of the H & K MP5 for use in both basic and advanced tactical intervention. Zdenek is also dedicated to, and has excelled in, sports shooting.  Between 2009 and 2011, he received several national shooting honors, such as the Shooting Master of Police of the Czech Republic in 2010. This year his team won two gold medals in the disciplines of Team Competition and Combat Shooting. In 2009 he achieved the gold medal in the Police Category and again won in the Team Competition of 2011. His competitive shooting career culminated with a Bronze Medal in Individuals and a Gold Hat-Trick in the Team Competition at the Masters Level of the ‘Police of the Czech Republic Shooting Competitions’. At the international level, he won a Bronze Medal in shooting at XVIII International Police Games 2009. During his police career he has won a total of five prestigious medals and awards. Two Meritorious medals and in 2011 the”Regional Director of Police Medal” for saving a human life. This award resulted in him being named “Policeman of the Year – 2011 Regional Directorate of Prague” in the category “Act of the Year”. In 2012 Zdenek won the highest possible award for Officers of the Minister of the Interior and Chief of Police when he was recognized as “ Police Officer of the Year of the Czech Republic’ for saving human life.”