Course information

Capacity: 20
Minimum trainees: 10
Price inc. VAT: 4,000.00
Course lenght: 16 h
Days: 2
Instructor capacity: 2
Instructors for this course:
Certificate: Hard Task certificate
HTR discount: 10 %

Course Description:

FIBUA (Fighting In Built-Up Areas) course is designed to teach you the fundamentals and all important tactics movement and combat conducted in urban areas such as towns and cities.


Basic theory, short repetition and refresh of CQB tactical teamwork, movements of elements along the street and between houses, overcoming open spaces, corssing of intersections, occupying the building and strong points making, using one of the unit's elements to cover the movement of others, maneuvering and combat drills. We will conduct multiple scenarios with FX Simunition guns.

Recommended equipment:

Comfortable tactical clothing or combat uniform and solid outdoor shoes (both adapted to the current weather and outdoor temperatures), belt, you can bring also own high-quality and safe kydex or plastic hand gun holster placed on the strong hand side and covering the trigger guard for Glock 17 GEN4, holster for the magazine, shooting goggles, hearing protection (headphones, earbuds ...), knee pads, body armor or plate carrier with pouches for M4 magazines and helmet, tactical gloves and flashlight. But just simply bring the clothing or duty gear based on Law Enforcement/Military daily usage. No need to buy expensive tactical gear just for course purposes.


There will be our training FX simunition wepons (H&K416, AR15, H&K MP5 and Glock 17) with the holsters and slings available for all the participants.


Meeting at 08:30 – 08:45 am at the car park of the training site / shooting range, the subsequent administration and preparation of equipment and materials. The beginning of class is at 09:00 and the end around 18:00.


Czech with translation to English.

You can attend this course only if you have passed

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