Questions and Answers

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I ordered a course that I paid at that time. Can I count on my participation 100%?

After paying your order you will receive a confirmation message at the email address provided. From that point on you can count with your course attandance for 100%.

If I have a question about the course, the venue or if I need to apologize for the delay, who should I contact best?

About a month before each of the course dates we assign instructors to lead the specific courses. You can find both their phone number and email address on their website profile. Use them for your questions at any time.

I would like to sign up for a shooting course, but I do not have a gun license or gun.  Is this a problem?

Czech laws will not restrict your participation in the course if you do not have a gun or a gun license. In this case, just like everyone else, you shoot under the supervision of an experienced instructor. So you can shoot even if you do not hold a gun license. Furthermore, we are able to provide you, for an additional charge, a weapon and ammunition.

I would like to join some of the courses, but I do not know whether or not my lack of knowledge will be a problem or will hinder the other students.  I am only a beginner.

Courses are classified into three categories, called TIER. Each course has different demands and requirements and are for certain ability levels. You can read more in the link “ABOUT” and then click on ‘Course tiers’.

Can I start with Tier 2 or Tier 3 directly? I took many courses around the World. I have been shooting for twenty years.

You need to go through our courses level by level. From one to the top four. It is not possible to start with two or three.

How do I register the course?

It is important to register on our website. It is very simple and fast. The moment you are registered, you can login at any time to the site, and then you just select the course you’d like to participate in. Look for any of the listed dates to confirm the course.

The registration information you want from me includes date of birth and phone number.  Why do you need this information?

Date of birth is required for proper and correct certification of your course completion. Date of birth is an integral part of the certificate and provides for a true and original course certification. Phone number is used in the event that we need to contact you for any reason, and are unable to contact you via e-mail.

In the event that my employer will want to verify the authenticity of the certificate, it is possible to contact you?

Yes. On each certificate you will find a unique serial number and contact information, in which it is possible to verify authenticity.  You will also be provided with official & direct contact information of our foreign instructors

How do I pay for the course and when?  Will I receive a receipt and/or invoice?

In each course description you will see the price for the course which needs to be paid no later than 14 days after the course order to secure your place in the course date. The course fee isnon-refundable in cause you cancel the attandance less than week before the date. After each payment is done you get PDF file invoice placed in your website profile.

On the photos from your courses I see very high quality tactical and well equipped participants. Do I need to be similarly equipped? 

We are able to lend you most of the equipment free of charge and many courses can only be done with your basic equipment and clothing. No need to buy anything. It is often a rule that it is better to go to the course "light/Low profile" and just there to learn from the instructors and other students what equipment to buy subsequently.

I am a woman and I would like to join your shooting courses. Can I do it among the men?

Although there are not many women in the Czech shooting community, they often come to us to learn in shooting and tactics. There's nothing to worry about even a course full of gentlemen.