Roman Toska

Position: Shooting and tactical instructor
Cell phone: +420608263646

Curriculum Vitae:

Roman served 24 years in 601 Czech Army Special Forces Group. He was specialized in positions such as  team breacher 18C,  C-IED and EOD instructor. He participated on 7 foreign combat missions in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan in positions team member, 18C, EOD specialist, C-IED instructor, "Guardien Angel", member of close protection team the Czech Embassy in Kabul (KAMBA).

He completed many special shooting and tactical courses as CSAR, pyrotechnic, airborne and free fall HAHO and HALO training. Participated on joint international training with foreign armed forces as US SF Green Berets, US NAVY SEAL, SAS, JWK and Jagdkommando. Roman also taught on special pyrotechnic preparations and courses of military units of the Army of the Czech Republic and foreign armies as well as special units of the Afghan police in cooperation with coalition partners (US SOF, DEA).