Aerial Platform Operations

Course information

Capacity: 15
Minimum trainees: 10
Price inc. VAT: 28,000.00
Course lenght: 12 h
Days: 2
Instructor capacity: 2
Instructors for this course:
Certificate: Hard Task certificate
HTR discount: %

Course Description:

Aerial Platform Operations (APO) is a two day only legal exclusive helicopter shooting course on planet Earth outside the United States is now available here in Europe/Czech Republic.


DAY1 - (12:00 - 17:00 hr) Precise zero of the rifle without and with the silencer on, confirmation shooting on different distances (50-300 m), dynamic shooting exercises on longer distances with time limitation.

DAY2 - (09:00 - 17:00 hr) Aerial platform operations theory, helicopter safety briefing, training program powerpoint, ground dry drills on the helicopter, ground shooting from the helicopter, shooting from hovering helicopter, shooting from helicopter while on orbit around the target, shooting while cobra manuver is done.

Recommended equipment:

Comfortable civilian or tactical clothing and solid outdoor or military shoes (both adapted to the current weather and outdoor temperatures), belt, shooting goggles, hearing protection (headphones, earbuds ...), tactical gloves and magazines holster or plate carrier with the pouches for the magazines. Working harness, two lanyards, one HMS carbine, one Express carbine.


Semi rifle or sniper rifle + 2 magazines and 300 rounds for semi rifle or 150 rounds for sniper rifle, brass weapon mounted catcher, rifle silencer.

For an additional fee, according to the current price list at that date when you book the course, we are able to secure all weapon, silencer, brass catcher and ammunition for you as well as holsters, ear and eye protection. With the course reservation please book the option "Gear for APO" in our e-shop. You will get the gun with magazines, silencer, sling, brass catcher, holsters, harness, lanyards and carbines, ear and eye protection.


There is no need of firearms license, background check or criminal record copy to attend this course.


Meeting at 11:30 - 11:45 am on day one and 08:30 – 08:45 am on day two at the car park of the shooting range, the subsequent administration and preparation of equipment and materials. The beginning of class is at 12:00/09:00 and the end around 18:00 hours.


For little fee to cover the eletricity, heating and internet we are able to prepare You bed in the sleeping room at our shooting range house In cause You would like to use this option please contact us by the email.


Czech with translation to English.

Aerial Platform Operations video clip:

You can visit our Youtube channel and enjoy very first dynamic video clip of APO course.

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