Radek Vasicek

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Radek Vasicek started his professional career in the French Foreign Legion, where he was selected to serve in the elite unit 2REP (2nd Regiment of Parachutists of the Foreign Legion).  During his service in this unit, he was on several missions in Africa (Djibouti, Chad, Republic of Central Africa and others. In total, he spent more than 2 years on missions in Africa.  After leaving this elite unit, he worked as an Air Marshal for Air France.  In 2003, he received an offer from the British security company Hart Group and later SIS to operate in Iraq as a Close protection operator.  After several years of working as a CP operator and CP Team leader, he was offered the position of CP Team Leader in Afghanistan in the protection team of the EU ambassador in Afghanistan.  This work requires constant attention and continuous training and improvement in various fields. CQB, tactical driving, medical training, shooting ext.  Later, he was offered the position of CP Team leader in the close protection team of the EU Ambassador in Haiti.  After many years of working in a high risk environment, Radek was approached with an offer to train the security service in Kazakhstan.  After completing his training in Kazakhstan, Radek returned to Iraq for a short time as a CP TL for a newly established French/English security company.  Since 2012, Radek has been a CP Team leader / Training manager / Instructor in the private client protection team.