We are also developing equipment and outfit/gear for the police, military and private security services, mostly with Fenix Protector company, such as ballistic vests, magazine pouches and equipment, medical backpacks and ifaks. With Fenix Protector we recently designed the brand new plate carrier Viper. With ANV company we developed our own combat-working knife, the M200 Hard Task One.

Gun and gear shop

For our students and customers who have already passed or have paid any of the shooting, tactical or other courses we have prepared the possibility of purchase of weapons, ammunition, gun accessories or tactical gear and equipment that we tested or developed and trust. Goods can be easily ordered and paid by e-shop but please make sure the stuff is in stock and can be deliver to you at our home shooting ranges Olesko or Gun Range in Brandys or in Prague city. The majority of the offered weapons, accessories or equipment you can try before buying at any of our shooting or tactical courses or any club training sessions. We are not a classic e-shop or a store with full of weapons. It is therefore necessary to order a weapon, ammunition, accessories or other items in advance at the contacts listed on our website. It is also necessary to check their stock availability.

PR photo and video

We are ready to take professional photos with military, police or other similar themes focused on weapons and tactical equipment which you then can use in product catalogs, corporate banners, calendars or as a base for the company's website. We have photographed for companies such as the German arms factory Heckler & Koch, Czech arms factory Ceska Zbrojovka, Fenix Protector, Best Patron and Meopta. We also took a presentation photo and calendar for the Emergency Motorized Unit of the Police of the Czech Republic. Complete video production from our workshop has been tested by CB Servis with advertising video clips of Walther pistols, Fenix Protector, Ceska zbrojovka, Fab Defense, Pramacom, Euro Security Product and Police of the Czech Republic with a clip for the anniversary of the establishment of the Emergency Motorized Unit. We also produce all of our video tutorials and courses and presentation video clips.


Shooting video courses We have created a complete training videos focused on weapon handling and shooting with handgun (Tactical Pistol) and long gun (Dynamic Rifle) in tactical and civilian environments. The first mentioned video tutorial - Tactical Pistol gained about 250,000 unique views and 2800 likes in the first 4 years since launching on youtube. The second part of the video tutorial on the use of a handgun - the Tactical Pistol 2 despite the european gun ban and restrictions which effected Youtube and google too gained over 56000 views and 1,600 likes in the first two years. Within first three years the Dynamic Rifle video course was viewed by over 150,000 viewers and received over 2,400 likes. The first major achievement of 2020 is undoubtedly the Basic Sniper video course which was the first video course in the history of our company to be published in 4K quality. Within first week sniper video course got over 25.000 views and 850 likes. Now it has more than 65.000 views and 1600 likes. The latest video courses of the season 2020 which we share with you on the Youtube are Tactical Shotgun which within a day online reached over 5000 views and 390 likes. Shotgun video course has now over 24.000 views. Dynamic Rifle 2 lunched in the summer, about 16.000 views and 500 likes and our unique Low Light course which we produced in Czech and English languages. The courses reached about 10.000 views and 400 likes within first 10 days. All of our video tutorials and other published testing or other videos have over 1,3 million views. You can watch them in full quality and completely free of charge right here.

Shooting club

In the middle of the Year 2017 we established our own nationally recognized sport shooting club Hard Task Rangers which has nearly 1000 members at this time and has made our club the biggest in the Czech Republic. See more on Hard Task Rangers shooting club is a member of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) as well as member of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).  Top HTR shooters and instructors came to Olesko on 10 February 2018 and successfully passed their exams to become IDPA referee and safety officers. As a shooting club we run approximately 100 training events and 6 IDPA and HTR competitions annually for our members and non members. Our home shooting ranges are Olesko and Gun Range which they are under supervision and ownership of Hard Task Training Ltd. Some of the advantages to be a member of the Hard Task Rangers are 10% discount of the courses, ammunition cost or range booking prices. Yu can visit club websites or register as new member right here

Shooting ranges

Hard Task owns and runs two - one outdoor and one indoor - commercial shooting ranges. The outdoor range is located in Olesko near Litomerice (50 km North of Prague) . The range is part of a former military base and offers all modern facilities. It is easily accessible by car on Highway D8 and a 30 minute drive from Prague. There are three independent range facilities that include 300, 50 and 25 mtr ranges with variable firing points. Ammunition calibres that can be used are .22 to .50 with pistol and rifle. Fully automatic weapons can also be operated by Law Enforcement or Military personel. For your training you can use over 40 steel targets, more than 50 heavy duty target stands, over 40 m of barricades, doors for simulation of entry techniques in CQB, training mobile cars, classroom for over 20 students, kitchen, sleeping room or showers and toilets as well as WiFi internet connection. The indoor range is located in the Brandys nad Labem town (15 km out of Prague to the North-East) and offeres a 25m range for pistol and rifle training where 4 shooters can shoot at the same time. The range itself is the most modern indoor range in the Czech Republic. The back stop containes ballistic rubber and 10 mm HARDOX 600 to securly contain any legal firearms bullet. The walls are covered by ballistic/acustic rubber pannels. You can also use a nice class room for 10-12 students with big TV screen, fridge and caffe machine. In case you need to rent the guns and buy ammo then please check this price list for more information. For more information please visit the websites of outdoor range and indoor range

Support Services

Are you a foreigner who would like to organize their own course or event in Europe but are unable due to weapon restrictions within your own country? Why don´t you try Czech Republic? Do you need to arrange a training site, shooting range, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, radios, any manpower or for example range masters to make your business successful?  We can arrange anything mentioned above and much more. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Our biggest customers of support services are Project Gecko, Israeli Tactical Combat School, Krav Maga Czech, 3GUN UK, Tasmanian Tiger and Tactical Systems.


Our company offers wide range of training courses. These include Close Protection and Personal Security Detail tactical courses, CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and CQB Advanced, FIBUA, and the prestigious US SWAT Week course, military training courses as SUT (Small Unit tactics) and SUT Advanced and Speed ​​boat, tracking of the human Tactical Tracker and police training course Active Shooter or our unique two-day NVGTAC course that teaches tactical techniques and shooting with night vision. Hard Task Training offers many shooting and training courses which consist of a portfolio of several levels of Dynamic Pistol and Dynamic Rifle courses as well as a two-day intensive Tactical Shotgun course focused on weapon handling and shooting with the tactical pump or semi-auto shotgun. We also offer five different specialized sniper courses, a two-day Low Light shooting and tactical course and a  one-day highly advanced individual tactical and shooting course for the individual and teams Team Work and CQB Live Fire, for the Czech Republic and Europe unique course of fighting in and outside the car VCQB (Vehicle CQB) and last but not least a week long very intensive course for current or future shooting instructors. We also offer medical courses focusing on military and combat environments CLS (Combat Life Saver) and CLS Advanced or the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and TECC Advanced for civilian and tactical environments. Our service portfolio also includes Air Assault Basic and Air Assault Advanced courses which are very advanced airborn courses focused on fast rope, SPIES/FIRES and landing deployments of the team. A pair of tactical and operational courses focused on tactical rappelling and working on high elevation building work -  Tactical Rappel Basic and Tactical Rappel Advanced. Tactical driving course is very popular for various armed and security forces and agencies. There is laso very precisely prepared four-day Survival course for you. Hand to Hand and Expandable Baton courses are worth mentioning with two-day very realistic Self-defense Scenarios which tests all your experience and you can see how you would behave at a critical moments in fight for your life or health. For several years our instructors have been training the armed forces in the Czech Republic, where the best students are police officers of the SWAT Unit of the South Moravian Region and SWAT operators of the Operational Deployment Group of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. However, the company focuses mainly on training military and police units abroad which required specialized intensive several-month courses in counterterrorism operations, sniper work, personal protection and medical training.


In case you would like to purchase a voucher for any of our shooting, tactical or other courses all you have to do is to choose the name of the course or courses and then send the order together with the name of the participant to finance(@) Of course we are able to prepare a voucher for a certain amount of money. The participant will then be able to pay for individual orders after using the discount code(s) in his profile on our website.  We will prepare the voucher in PDF file form in high print quality which you can then print or seal anywhere before you give it to recipient.

Weapons rental

We have a full range of company weapons for training. Pistols such as Glock 17 or Glock 19 and Smith & Wesson MP9, Walther PPQs, PPS and CREED, H&K SFP9 and USP, Smith & Wesson and Ruger revolvers, AR15 semi-automatic rifles type MR223 A3 made by Heckler & Koch, BCM and STAG Arms, rifles of the Czech manufacturers such as CZ 858, AK47, H&K MP5 A5, MP5K, UZI and Sa61 SMGs, Remington, Benelli or SDM semi and pump action shotguns, Remington 700, H&K MR308, Tikka T3x TAC A1, SVD Dragunov sniper rifles, FX Simunition and airsoft guns for force on force training etc. All together more than 130 weapons available. Weapons rental price list: Pistols: Glock 17 – 30 EUR/day, 12 pcs available Glock 19 – 30 EUR/day, 1 pc available Walther Pistols (PPQ M2 Q4 TAC, PPQ M2 4‘‘, PPQ CLASSIC, PPQ SC, PPS M2 Police Set, CREED 4″, PPQ M2 4‘‘, PPQ M2B 5″ and PPQ M2 in .45 ACP) – 30 EUR/day, 9 pcs in total available H&K SFP9 – 30 EUR/day, 1 pc available S&W MP9 – 30 EUR/day, 2 pcs available Colt 1911 .45 ACP – 30 EUR/day, 1 pc available H&K USP .45 ACP – 30 EUR/day, 1 pc available CZ P10C – 30 EUR/day, 1 pc available CZ P10F – 30 EUR/day, 1 pc available CZ 85 – 20 EUR/day, 1 pc available Revolvers: Revolver S&W .357 Magnum – 30 EUR/day, 1 pc available Revolver S&W .38 Special – 20 EUR/day, 3 pcs available Revolver Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum – 40 EUR/day, 1 pc available Rifles: Sa58 – 30 EUR/day, 3 pcs available AK47 – 30 EUR/day, 4 pcs available H&K MR223 A3 (HK416) with holographic sights Eotech XPS – 60 EUR/day, 10 pcs available STAG M4/AR15 – 40 EUR/day, 3 pcs available CZ BREN2 – 60 EUR/day, 2 pcs available Shotguns: Fabarm STF12 – 40 EUR/day, 1 pcs available Remington 870 – 40 EUR/day, 1 pcs available SDM M870 – 25 EUR/day, 2 pcs available Benelli Supernova – 40 EUR/day, 1 pc available Mossberg M88 – 40 EUR/day, 1 pc available Saiga 12 (semi shotgun) – 40 EUR/day, 1 pc available Derya Lion SPX2-100 – 20 EUR/day, 1 pc available Eksen MKA 1919 (semi shotgun) – 40 EUR/day, 1 pc available SMGs: H&K MP5 A5 – 50 EUR/day, 2 pcs available H&K MP5K – 40 EUR/day, 1 pc available CZ Scorpion EVO3 – 40 EUR/day, 1 pc available UZI – 30 EUR/day, 3 pcs available Sa61 Scorpion – 20 EUR/day, 2 pcs available Sniper rifles: Remington 700 with Magpul PRO700 stock and Leupold Mark 4 LRT (308 Win) – 100 EUR/day, 5 pcs available Tikka T3x TAC A1 with Vortex Viper PST 2 (6,5 Creedmore) – 120 EUR/day, 1 pc available H&K MR308 with Vortex Viper PST – 120 EUR/day, 1 pc available SVD Dragunov (7,62×54) with original scope – 50 EUR/day, 2 pcs available Force on Force: Glock 17 FX Simunition – 35 EUR/day, 20 pcs available H&K 416/M4/M16 FX Simunition conversion kit – 25 EUR/day/conversion kit or 80 EUR/day/Rifle+conversion kit, 15 pcs available H&K MP5 FX Simunition conversion kit – 25 EUR/day/conversion kit or 60 EUR/day/Rifle+conversion kit, 2 pcs available H&K MP5K FX Simunition conversion kit – 25 EUR/day/conversion kit or 60 EUR/day/Rifle+conversion kit, 1 pcs available Airsoft M4 rifle, 16 pcs available Airsoft Minimi machinegun, 3 pcs available   All guns will be provided with the magazines, holsters, slings and other needed stuff. Hard Task armorer must be always with the gun. In cause you rent the gun on standard course you attend then the instructor will cover that position but in cause you need to rent the gun(s) for your own event then need to pay armorer also which is 100 EUR/day.   Ammunition price list: 9 mm Luger – 0,22 EUR/1 round .38 Special – 0,26 EUR/1 round .44 Rem MAG – 0,47 EUR/1 round .45 ACP – 0,32 EUR/1 round .223 Rem – 0,37 EUR/1 round 7,65 Browning – 0,28 EUR/1 round 7,62×39 – 0,28 EUR/1 round 7,62×54 – 0,50 EUR/1 round .308 Win – from 1 to 3 EUR/1 round (depends on required quality) 6,5 mm Creedmoor – from 1 to 4 EUR/1 round (depends on required quality) 12/70 (12/76) bird shot – 0,22 EUR/1 round 12/70 (12/76) buck shot – 0,40 EUR/1 round 12/70 (12/76) slug – 0,75 EUR/1 round FX Simunition 9 mm – 1 EUR/1 round FX Simunition 5.56 – 1,20 EUR/1 round The prices are only estimated and need to be recalculated depending on EUR vs CZK change rate and also ammunition market which moves prices up/down.