PR photo and video

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We are ready to take professional photos with military, police or other similar themes focused on weapons and tactical equipment which you then can use in product catalogs, corporate banners, calendars or as a base for the company's website.

We have photographed for companies such as the German arms factory Heckler & Koch, Czech arms factory Ceska Zbrojovka, Fenix Protector, Best Patron and Meopta. We also took a presentation photo and calendar for the Emergency Motorized Unit of the Police of the Czech Republic.

Complete video production from our workshop has been tested by CB Servis with advertising video clips of Walther pistols, Fenix Protector, Ceska zbrojovka, Fab Defense, Pramacom, Euro Security Product and Police of the Czech Republic with a clip for the anniversary of the establishment of the Emergency Motorized Unit. We also produce all of our video tutorials and courses and presentation video clips.