Outdoor range is located in Olesko nearby Litomerice (50 km North of Prague) . The range is part of a former military base and offers all modern facilities. It is easily accessible by car on Highway D8 and a 30 minute drive from Prague. There are three independent range facilities that include 300, 50 and 25 mtr ranges with variable firing points. Ammunition calibres that can be used are .22 to .50 with pistol and rifle. Fully automatic weapons can also be operated by Law Enforcement or Military personel.

For your training you can use over 40 steel targets, more than 50 heavy duty target stands, over 40 m of barricades, doors for simulation of entry techniques in CQB, training mobile cars, classroom for over 20 students, kitchen, sleeping room or showers and toilets as well as WiFi internet connection.

Website ww.strelniceolesko.cz

How to get here

From Prague by the D8 highway in the direction of Usti nad Labem, exit 35 Km in the direction of Terezin, about 10 minutes from the highway through the villages of Doksany and Hrdly. After the bridge over the railway turn right in the direction of Olesko. When reach the Olesko village turn left after the municipal office. Total driving time according to traffic rules from Prague to our shooting range is about 30-45 minutes.


50°29'10.5"N 14°12'05.1"E