Hard Task Knife M200 HARD TASK

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High quality Hard Task knife with unique serial number and company logo

Product detailed description
How far can you go? Where is your limit? Consider the M200 as your partner on your way to finding the answer. You can rest assured that it will always be by your side and will stand up to extreme situations. Being able to rely on something is a luxury not everyone can enjoy. You will breathe that much easier outside with the M200. We have furnished the M200’s handle with a 3D milled grip from G10 to ensure a secure and comfortable grip under all circumstances. As being able to carry your knife safely is also vital, we have placed the M200 into a self-locking kydex bladetech-compatible sheath to permit a wide spectrum of carrying methods. Last but not least, the entire blade is coated with a DLC layer that ensures high mechanical durability while perfectly minimising unwanted reflections.


Additional parameters
Category:     MILITARY
Warranty:     Lifetime
Weight:     0.74 kg
Best Use:     Military & Tactical
Lock Type:     Fixed Blade
Left / Right - handed:     Left / Right
Method of Clamping:     Vertical / Reverse
Blade material:     Steel N690C
Blade hardness:     59 HRC
Handle material:     G10
Sheath material:     Kydex
Blade color:     DLC Satin Black
Handle color:     Black
Sheath color:     Black
Lenght of Knife:     265 mm / 10,43 inch
Lenght of Blade:     130 mm / 5,12 inch
Lenght of Handle:     135 mm / 5,31 inch
Thickness of Blade:     5 mm / 0,2 inch
Thickness of Handle:     25 mm / 0,98 inch
Weight of Knife:     308 g / 10,86 oz