Tactical Rappel Advanced

Course information

Capacity: 16
Minimum trainees: 8
Price inc. VAT: 4,000.00
Course lenght: 16 h
Days: 2
Instructor capacity: 1
Instructors for this course:
Certificate: Hard Task certificate
HTR discount: 10 %

Course Description:

The goal of this Tactical Rappel Advanced two-days (16 hours) course is to provide law enforcement or military personnel assigned to SWAT or any tactical operation teams the fundamentals and hands-on-training that will enhance their confidence and rappelling skills needed for the vertical option.


Introduction, course overview to include safety lecture, knots and rope management refresh, applications & limitations of tactical rappelling, refresh of all essential tactical rappelling techniques and skills, intro to window entries, 2, 3, 4 men entries, weapons management on rappel, FX Simmunition drills and scenarios

Recommended equipment:

Comfortable civilian or tactical clothing or combat uniform and solid outdoor shoes (both adapted to the current weather and outdoor temperatures), knee pads, rappel gloves, helmet, rescue eight descender, rappel harness, two locking / auto-locking HMS carabiners, double stop descender, sling, 30 m of static rope, belt, you can bring also own high-quality and safe kydex or plastic hand gun holster placed on the strong hand side and covering the trigger guard for Glock 17 GEN4, holster for the magazine, shooting goggles, hearing protection (headphones, earbuds ...), body armor or plate carrier with pouches for M4 magazines.

For an additional fee, according to the current price list at that date when you book the course, we are able to secure rappel set for you. With the course reservation please book the option "Rappel set for Tactical Rappeling" in our e-shop.


Meeting at 08:30 – 08:45 am at the car park of the training site / shooting range, the subsequent administration and preparation of equipment and materials. The beginning of class is at 09:00 and the end around 18:00.


Czech with translation to English.

You can attend this course only if you have passed

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