Aerial Platform Operations

Aerial Platform Operations (APO) is a two day only legal exclusive helicopter shooting course on planet Earth outside the United States is now available here in Europe/Czech Republic. You can watch the vide clip from the first course here.

Antreg guns available in our armory

We would like to thank Antreg firearms factory for their huge support in the form of a belated Christmas 😍 Now you can try out the top Czech piston AR15s and FX Simunition conversion kits in our courses and training sessions.


Brand new course has its first date. You can register right here.

Low Light video course

First time ever we have produced full video tactical course in English. You are now able to watch nearly 1 hour course for free on the Youtube in 4K quality here

New course dates in the calendar

We have newly added countless dates to the calendar for shooting and tactical courses such as Dynamic Rifle 1-4, Dynamic Pistol 1-4, Tactical Shotgun 1, Team Work, Home Defense, One Man CQB, Small Unit Tactics, CQB, River operations and more.

New Hard Task courses

We have added several new shooting and tactical courses to our portfolio and we have slightly modified one for you. The first new course is a shooting course Tactical Shotgun 2, where you'll learn shoulder transition, shooting from behind cover, transition to a backup weapon, shooting after a long move with an emphasis on reloading while moving quickly, shooting from cover after a long move, and shooting at a moving target. We have also prepared Low Light Scenarios, this time it is a purely tactical course, and is designed for graduates of our two-day Low Light course. The one day session will review all the important techniques and tactics followed by force on force scenarios with FX Simunition weapons and ammunition. Many of you have attended the CQB Tactical Course and have either continued on to the two-day CQB Advanced Course or have just inquired about other options. As such, we've kept the CQB content, and completely remake CQB Advanced, where you'll enjoy breaching techniques of the doors and doing more shield and ladder work instead of vehicle and bus assault. We have subsequently expanded the repertoire of CQB courses to include one-day CQB Scenarios, where the name itself suggests that these will be non-stop, full-day force on force scenarios and CQB Vehicle Intervention which is a course that focuses only on intervention against an suspects or terrorists in a vehicle or bus. If anyone wants to take it all in one piece, we've thought of you too and put together the equivalent of American SWAT Week, which consists of all of the above mentioned courses and culminates with tactical movements and scenarios with live weapons and ammunition in a kill house. We called the course CQB Week. And we're not done yet and we're still working on a few more new courses that we'll introduce you to soon.

New Promotional video

Just released new Hard Task Training promotional video. We hope you will enjoy it.

New sniper rifles in our armoury

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro and Remington 700 in MDT Pro Chassis System stock with Vortex optics from Cairo CZ . These are two new sniper rifles in our armoury, which you can try at any time at our courses, trainings and individuals for snipers.

The Small Unit Tactics courses have changed

The Small Unit Tactics (SUT) courses have changed from a two previous basic and advanced course to a total of four courses. The first Small Unit Tactics Basic remains almost unchanged and focuses more in-depth on the absolute basics. Following this are the new courses Small Unit Tactics Ambush, this one focuses on executing a pre-planned ambush, Small Unit Tactics Raid, here you will learn how to execute a pre-planned raid and the fourth course is Small Unit Tactics Scenarios, where you can put all the experience you have earned so far to the test in non-stop 24 hours in prepared scenarios. The dates of all these mentioned courses have just been listed in our calendar.