Gecko Tactical

Gecko TacticalObtížnost I

Course Description:

This CQB course will focus on the very basic close quarters tactics within buildings based on the Project Gecko \ IDF system.


The course wil focus over basic topics such as movement, communication, to the micro level of room clearing, continuous situations & other situations that require a safe solution. This course will also focus over the human behavior and the psychologically behind this type of engagements. Last day of the course will put to the test all we learned – with live fire exercises.


Minimum 8 maximum 14. This course is suitable for those with a basic or non individual level & a basic CQB experience.

Recommended equipment:

Tactical clothing and footwear (5.11 , Blackhawk , Helikon … ) or combat uniforms, ballistic plate carrier or vest with pouches for AR15/G36 magazines and radio, Glock pistol holster, shooting goggles, tactical gloves, flashlight …


There are available airsoft assault rifles and pistols from our side for tactical training. For shooting training you need Semi-auto rifle + 200 rounds


The course will take place in and around Prague/Czech Republic (to be confirmed).

Course dates:

For the registration please use our e-shop or calendar.

Duration of the course:

3 days, 24 hours.

Accommodation and food:

Accommodation is not included in the course fee, each participant it provides and pays for itself. On board will be allocated one hour for lunch.


English with translation to Czech


Eliran Feildboy


Project Gecko certificate

Course price:

250 EUR

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